Welcome to Govah Sanat Company

Govah Sanat has always been the No.1 choice of all the Manufacturers, Traders and Suppliants in Middle East and beyond. Govah Sanat is relying on its wide range of facilities and capabalities, as well as its loyal and true Friends and Customers.



More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing machinery parts and equipment for Steel and Cement Industries, Such as Steel Making Plants, Direct Reduction Plants and Coke making

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Supplying parts and raw material used in numerous large and small industries; Such as HR and CR steel, Coated steels and materials, Galvanized Steel, Prepainted steel, Tinplate...

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Technical Support

Technical support and consultation in Designing, Manufacturing and Production, Operation and Implementation, Quality Control and Monitoring Production Processes

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About Us

  • Govah Sanat is a company with more than 100 employees, located on a 10,000 square meters ground in Morcheh Khort Industrial zone. The shops and equipments of our factory is always updated according to the latest international standards. Govah Sanat has chosen its human resources from the best and most skilled technicians and workers and has always kept them up to date with training them constantly. The machinery is selected with the help of a team of specialists in the field and they have been under maintenance and updating on a regular basis. Furthermore, what adds to the capabilities of this company is working closely with the largest industrial complexes to supply the necessary materials. Govah Sanat has always monitored the production process carefully and with using the finest quality materials and working with only the best experts and has assured the quality of production and pleased the customers. The manufacturing processes such as Supplying the raw materials, Cutting, Forming and Bending, Complex and Simple Welding, Machining, Special Assembling, Quality Control and required tests, and delivery is always a part of our commitments
  • Experience in manufacturing tens of thousands of industrial parts and machinery for large and small industry Monitoring the complete operations Having the most skilled technicians for managing the process A professional team of designers and engineers in all the projects Approval of the most sophisticated local and international inspecting agencies Innovation in manufacturing new products with the best cost efficiency
  • Govah Sanat always resembles Trust. We have always been known for our uncompromisable work ethics and precision in delivering the best
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Our Customers & Friends

Govah Sanat has been able to gain the trust of people in different industries and with connecting to all the major companies, producers and traders, has marked itself as a reliable and trustworthy company among them. Here you can see a selective list of these friends;

Contact Us


No. 252, 5th Street, 1st Phase, Moorcheh Khort Industrial Zone, Isfahan, IRAN See us on the map

Tel: +98 31 45642564                               Fax.: +98 31 45642569                                Email:info@govahsanat.com


Head Office

No.15, Soleiman Building, Tohid Street, Isfahan IRAN See us on the map

Tel: +98 31 36161                                     Fax. : +98 31 36270500                               Email: info@govahsanat.com


Branch Office

No.14, Mohebi Alley, Sohrevardi Street, Tehran IRAN

Tel: +98 31 36252080 Fax. : +98 31 36294974 Email: info@govahsanat.com